Earth Rated
Our process
We worked with Earth Rated to create a unified brand voice that continues to involve in our ongoing partnership of almost a decade. A brand new visual identity was developed and applied across all touchpoints, including stationery, packaging, new products, website, social media content, and tradeshow booths and in-store displays. 
“We've been working with Studio Wulf for almost 9 years now and we continue to be impressed with their creativity, designs and attention to detail. Over the years we've collaborated with them on many projects and they've always provided a great balance between meeting the guidelines we need to work within and bringing their own creative ideas to the table. Their expertise in a variety of creative specialties allows us to bring all kinds of projects to them and they're always up for the challenge. In addition to their creative skills, they are extremely organized which makes our day to day communication and project management quite seamless.”
– Earth Rated
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