Canada Post Lunar New Year of the Monkey Stamp Collection
Our founder, Linna Xu, was approached to work on the 2016 Lunar New Year Stamp by Albert Ng for Canada Post and was responsible for the design process from ideation to final outputs. The process started with a competitive audit, research and user interviews, and heavy research into the symbolism and traditions of Chinese culture to ensure that what was designed would be historically and traditionally respectful.
Through this understanding, and focus group testing along the way, a unique interpretation that merged the tradition of the Chinese Sun Wu Kong (Monkey King) legend emerged as a contemporary modern design. A flexible system of illustration, custom typography, and icons (of the 12 lunar animals) was developed and then applied across 15 different formats that varied in size and printing processes. The success of the stamp resulted in it being one of the best selling stamps of the Lunar New Year series, and was featured on China Daily, Philately News, and Designedge Canada.
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