If you create from the heart, an audience will follow. Truth is what resonates with people, and the unspoken things we try to hide are what people really want to talk about. This book is part design, part therapy, and an exploration from a teenage perspective of coping with parental divorce, and finding her own way to love and reconnection. Creative exploration manifested in a three part series of booklets that detail three phases of coping through fragmented images, text, and the immigrant experience of broken languages. The first part of each series is a factual examination – collected evidence of writings and photographs. The second part is an artistic interpretation. I often feel pulled between these two modes of being, and I suppose that's what makes me a designer. One part rational thinking and research, one part nonsensical, emotional magic. There's something about being cracked open and bare that resonates with people, because we've all been there. Our human experience links us, and daring to show our vulnerability is a powerful connector.

“Turning sadness into creativity. This is how Linna Xu was able to process her parents’ divorce – she designed a beautiful booklet with exquisite typography. In the stages of grieving, acceptance is the one that helps you to move on.”
– Chris Do, Founder and CEO of Blind. & The Futur
Featured In
The Artist and His Model
IMPRINT, ISBN 978-988-19847-6-0
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