5/6 House

3 typographic explorations for 5/6 House by Atelier Reza Aliabadi done in collaboration with Borxu Design. He describes the house like this:
“In the same fashion as in a Rubik’s cube 5 out of 6 modules shift in every level to form the living spaces, and one is removed to allow for visual communication and natural light. When on the ground floor a void opens up to the basement, and on the upper level a floor is removed to form a double height living room below…”
We created the typography to reflect the architectural structure of the house. It is composed of six modular units, with one hollowed out. Six units create the 6, and five units create the number 5. The choice of white paper is a nod to the minimalism of Atelier Reza Aliabadi. We also designed a fold out promotional poster containing information on one side, and a keepsake typographic poster on the other.
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